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Tatiana TUR (USA), Vechirniy Kyiv(Evening Kyiv), March 16th, 1996


Truth about Babyn Yar

Documental research

(Part two)


After in 1948 with the support of USA the state Israel was formed, USSR began to follow an intensive anti-Israel policy. Thats why during about fifteen years the affair of Jews in Babyn Yar and other cities in Eastern and Middle Europe was smothered. However, in 1960 KGB decided to boom the affair of Jews and complicity of Ukrainians in slaughter of Jews they wanted to prevent the collaboration between Ukrainian and Jewish dissidents in this way.

To renew in mind the forgotten Jews tragedy, KGB recoursed to services of the known in America Ukrainophob, author-historian and sociologist Joseph Schechtman. In 1919 Schechtman was elected a deputy from Odesa to CRU (Central Rada of Ukraine), and then a member of the Secretariate of Jewish nationality in Kyiv. In 1921 he left for America and there, during World War II was a worker of OSS, and later, after change of appellation Ѳ. In 1960 KGB organized a walk around Ukraine for Schechtman, after which he published a book Star in Eclipse (1961) for to restore the forgotten story of Babyn Yar.

However, in America the Scechtmans book about the Jews tragedy in Babyn Yar didnt attract much attention to itself. Only in 1966, during a strengthened anti-German policy and anti-Ukrainian campaign in Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR brought an action of Babyn Yar again. It was crowned with success in 1968 a lawsuit began, 11 perpetual sentences were announced there. On this occasion, for the first time after the war, The New York Time, the owner of which is the Jewish family Suelzbergs from Stemford, decided to recollect Babyn Yar (in 27 years after that event). Jewish Diaspora, awaken by that, began to boom this legend intensively, not at once after that, but in the beginning of 1970s. Propagation of East and West gradually remade this fabricated event of World War II into the greatest crime in all history of humanity, and Babyn Yar - into the place of pilgrimage of Jews from the entire world. So, theres no wonder, why the last two American presidents, believing in truthfulness of that propaganda, honoured by their presence the place of excogitated tragedy of Jews, praying there in their skull caps under menorah (a Judaic candlestick). In 1987 in anti-Ukrainian Soviet TV film-programme Babyn Yar the editor of Ogonyok, Ukrainian-poet Vitaliy Korotych named Babyn Yar the most known attempt of mass annihilation of Jews. Probably, under the influence of this programme in the beginning of 1990s Babyn Yar became a place of the greatest tragedy in all history of humanity. Nowadays historians, teachers, press and television repeat, that in Babyn Yar :


        since the 29th of September 1941,  within 3-5 days, in Kyiv Ukrainian police was acting, mainly the citizens of Galicia with long moustache in embroidered shirts and Germans (a writer-Jew Anatoliy Kuznyetsov has written that  in the book Babyn Yar, which was hurriedly made up for order of KGB in summer 1946 );


        Vasyl Kabayda was responsible for military shooting of Jews(given by the editor of Ogonyok, Jew Vitaliy Korotych and counsellor of M.Gorbachov in his film-programme Babyn Yar from 1987);


        they made Jewish people  strip to the skin with the help of  whips; while waiting for death the torturers raped young women (these are evidences of those, who escaped, in the book of Kuznyetsov Babyn Yar );


        they were led to Babyn Yar behind the cemetery, and there, above the gully, a machine gun fired and blew off Jews into the ravine; Germans hurled one-two hand grenades and soil covered thousands of killed and alive people (Dokia Gumenna, Ukrainian writer from Kyiv, who lives in the USA now, wrote it in 1956 in her reminiscence about Babyn Yar );

        By this methods Ukrainian and German headsmen tormented to death 200 thousand of Jews (this is according to the Jew V.Pozner, a commentator of the Soviet, and now American and Russian television);


        that in reality there were 300 thousand victims (this is a new number, which V.Korotych gave in a report in Toronto on the 23rd of April, 1990);


        that 50 thousand Jewish children were killed (from the report of the Soviet Ukraines ambassador Gennadiy Udovenko  in Washington DC, 1991)


        Ukrainian oprichniks killed with cudgels and beaters (reminiscences of the eyewitnesses on the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Babyn Yar in the synagogue on Brighton-beach in Brooklyn 1994);


        Germans covered this grave-gully with the help of dynamite (according to the party statement and witnessing in the German court in 1968); after that the soil on this common grave in Babyn Yar budged for 4-7 days  because of the last moving of victims (the evidence of  those, who escaped and also numerous other eyewitnesses on the Nuremberg process);


        The whole area of Babyn Yar  was enclosed with barbed wire about 20 km-long with high electric pressure (according to Victor Koptilov in the Parisian encyclopedia of Ukrainian studies NTSh, volume 11, 1944 );


        During the whole month blood from the grave streamed as a brook to the Dnieper (evidences of those Jews, who survived, which were collected for NKVD on the 22nd of November 1943, as well as in the Black book of I. Erienburg - 1991);


        that during the thaw in the spring of 1942 blood erupted as small gaysers on the surface of the grave (from the book-reminiscence Night from 1972, the prize-winner of the Nobel reward of peace Eli Vizel );


        That at the end of August and in September of 1943 German and Ukrainian guards made 327 Jews-prisoners dig up the common graves with the help of excavators and bulldozers; that bodies of 70 thousand deceased and a hundred bodies of captive seamen, stifled in Babyn Yar in cars-mobile gas cameras, were poured with oil and petrol and then burned on twelve- meters long stacks (according to evidence of James Steyuk, Vladimir Davidov and other six Jews, who escaped, who were given into Kyiv for NKVD on the 22nd of November 1943, and then are mentioned in the Soviet film-programme Babyn Yar of Vitaliy Korotych 1987, and also according to the four-volume English-speaking Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, published in 1991 in Jerusalem and New York ).


Every time, when the conversation turns on that horror, as well as about Ukrainians, who killed 50 thousand Jewish kids with beaters, or that the soil budged during six days, because of still alive victims, an average person becomes terrified so much that loses an ability to analyze and believes in all that involuntarily. But think for a moment: firstly, there had to be at least 500 people to strip to the skin and kill 50 thousand children by hand, because more than one hundred people, if they are even robust men, cannot manage to kill with beaters, not to mention that the children would run away over gullies and ravines as hares.

Secondly, a person, who is sprinkled with soil, can breathe not more than several minutes (we also know it from accidents when soil sprinkled workers). Thus, we cannot believe neither propagandists nor eyewitnesses, but only excavations (there were no them in Babyn Yar) and aerophotographs (neither graves near the Jewish cemetery, nor bulldozers, nor twenty-long stacks for incineration of bodies on them).

From the end of 1930s Germans aviated over the European part of USSR in reconnaissance aircrafts-pencils. On the first photograph, which was taken by Germans on the eve of the war in May 1939, one can see: only in one part of Babyn Yar, somewhere at a distance of a kilometer from the place of the former tsar`s hippodrome, the terrain of one of the ravines is completely filled up with soil. Afterwards from the archaeological excavations becomes clear: lots tens thousand Ukrainian victims of ChKa, which after 1933 were buried beyond the Dnieper, in Bykivnya. The bones in the alkaline soil in the vicinities of Kyiv are preserved for centuries. They are waiting for excavations.

(To be continued)


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