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Floating Therapy Improving the Recovery Process

Stress is a normal part in the lives of people meaning that people have to deal with it even if they want or not. Even though it is something that is passive people still find it hard to get ways of relaxing. Flotation therapy is one of the ways that a person can use to get some time out and gives a person the chance of relaxing.

Floatation therapy works by a person floating on a floatation tank which is filled with a mixture of water and salt. Considering that the mixture has a high concentration of salt, it is not easy for a person to sink meaning that a person floats effortlessly. The floatation tank is normally placed in a room that has its own bathroom facilities. A person is required to shower before entering the tank. Also after getting out of the tank a person needs to shower to remove the mixture of salt from the body. Many people prefer not wearing anything when they are floating which makes it an experience that is private. However, a person is allowed to wear a swimsuit if they prefer doing so.

There are tanks which have a hatch and allow people to choose if they will float in darkness by closing the hatch or it will be left open. There are spas that give people the option of floating in silence with music that is gentle and soft or with audio that is playing in the background. When a person floats, the body relaxes instantly because of the reduction of the external stimuli to the senses. Considering that the water in the floating tank is at the skin temperature, it is hard to distinguish the boundary between the air, body, and water.

The session of floating lasts for about fifty to eighty minutes and the timing is done by an expert practitioner. The practitioner supervises a client because of safety, security, and in the case that a person wants to get help in any way. However, for floaters who are new thorough instruction is given which explains the details of floating which gives the people confidence and an understanding of making their first time of floating a success. The water used in the floating tanks is very hygienic. For instance, float tank Sturbridge ma filters the water a number of times per day and the circulation is done through each cycle of filtration.

Research has confirmed that this therapy has different physical effects on the body. There is a reduction in the heart rate and a person starts to breathe slowly. The act of reducing gravity causes the muscles to relax and reduces the electrical activity in the muscle that allows the muscles to release tension. There is also an improvement in the flow of blood to the muscles. All the factors help a person in having a quick recovery process. Additionally, they help in the reduction of stress, pain, fatigue, problems with sleeping, and depression. Even if a person is not a professional athlete, the therapy is beneficial to the body.

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